Vofspace is for everyone.

Professionals & Educators

Professionals & Educators

Use Vofspace for more efficient office hours by customizing your availability.

Influencers & Coaches

Influencers & Coaches

Use Vofspace to engage with your audience, build relationships, and monetize your expertise.

Counselors & Tutors

Counselors & Tutors

Use Vofspace to reach a broader group, and manage payments and scheduling.

Freelancers & Giggers

Freelancers & Giggers

Use Vofspace to manage communications and virtually offer your services.



“I am pleased to share that I am expanding my office to Vofspace, a platform that will enable our team to have greater reach and impact in our community and marketplace.”

Carter James

Financial Advisor


“Utilizing VofSpace has been a game-changer for my coaching business. Before, I was spending valuable time setting up multiple software tools to manage my schedule, virtual meetings and client payments. With VofSpace’s all-in-one platform that manages the logistics of my business, I can spend more time on what matters most - helping people achieve their dreams!”

Kyla Frye



“When it comes to running a successful business, I am always looking for new tools to help simplify my world. Vofspace has helped me streamline my business, and connect easily with potential clients.”

Daryl Klump

Director | Financial Advisor

Connecting People at the Virtual Office






Information Technology


Mental Health & Wellness


Professional Services


Science and Engineering


Education content item

From strengths coaches to tutors, Vofspace provides a simple and safe platform to connect educators with clients.

Entrepreneurship content item

Entrepreneurship can be lonely and has a steep learning curve. Connect with expert entrepreneurs to grow your business.

Fashion content item

Vofspace provides a place to work with clients to create custom fashion creations. Minimize email bloat and missed suggestions from fashion clients.

Finance content item

Vofspace helps you schedule and meet securely with top rated financial professionals.

Fitness content item

Competitors may handle scheduling and billing, but they don't include a streaming platform.

Information Technology content item

Vofspace is perfect if you're not looking to maintain another website or account, but want secure payment and conferencing services.

Lifestyle content item

From fitness and nutrition to photography and blogging—Vofspace puts creators in one directory and keeps all your meetings and scheduling in one platform.

Mental Health & Wellness content item

If you're a solopreneur therapist or a small business looking for secure payment processing and video conferencing, Vofspace provides exactly that!

Music content item

From DJ to music instructors, Vofspace provides a virtual studio and classroom. Find the teacher you need!

Professional Services content item

Marketing and consulting need professional virtual office space. You bring the expertise, Vofspace provides the premier virtual office.

Religion content item

"Vofspace is simple, easy, and fun to use. It's the perfect space to reach people you wouldn't typically run into day to day. This platform is revolutionary."

Lydia Timmons
Science and Engineering content item

Vofspace provides a professional platform, and an easy payment feature for paid consulting. Perfect for scientists and engineers!

Sports content item

Vofspace provides an ability for fans to connect with their favorite athletes while also serving as a platform for athletes to express their passions with others (i.e. mentorship, philanthropy awareness, etc.).

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Easy to Use. All in One Place.

Reliable, private, easy-to-use video chat

Reliable, private, easy-to-use video chat

Automated payment processing

Automated payment processing

Automated scheduling

Automated scheduling

Streamlined communication

Streamlined communication

Easy to Use. All in One Place.

It’s more than just a virtual office. It handles admin too.

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