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Office or Client Account?

Save Time & Serve Clients

Why settle for linked accounts and more time, when you can have one, premier virtual office space? You'll find video conferencing, payment processing, scheduling, and easy client communication with Vofspace. One set of logins and easy set up for clients. And potential new clients browsing listings. Save yourself time, money, and stress.

Video Chat

Reliable. Private. Easy to Use.

  • Screen + File Sharing: Easily share resources with clients—no follow up
  • Private + Secure: Confidence that all conferencing and sharing is secure
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Payment Processing

Automated Invoicing Sends as Meeting Ends

As a business owner, the last thing you need is to spend extra time creating, sending, and following up on billing. Spend your time growing your business.

With Vofspace:

  • Your client is invoiced as soon as the meeting ends
  • Your client is automatically billed with their card on file
  • Secure payment processing is built-in—for you and the client
  • Payments deposited directly in your preferred bank account
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Automated Scheduling

Minimal Logistics Save You Time + Keep Clients Happy

When was the last time your scheduling app actually worked seamlessly? Simplify your workflow.

With Vofspace:

  • Send single-click calendar and virtual meeting invites
  • Preset your availability for easy scheduling
  • Stay accessible—your availability is viewable 24/7
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Business, Health, Fitness,

& More—On 1 Platform

How many logins does it take to: message your therapist, pay your accountant, book a yoga class, and attend an at-home Crossfit workout? Too many. We've got all the professionals you need, built-in messaging, and secure payment options; with one login.

Video Chat

Easy to Use. No downloads. Private.

  • Screen + File Sharing: No need to share your email address to send extra documents
  • Private + Secure: Don't rely on a single business owner to keep you data secure
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Payment Processing

Never Pay Late Again

You're committed to timely payment for services. But, when the invoice gets mixed in with your always-full inbox, all bets are off. Avoid the embarrassment of late payments.

With Vofspace:

  • You get invoiced as soon as the meeting ends
  • You're automatically billed with your card on file
  • Secure payment processing is built-in—keep your data safe
  • One virtual meeting won't mean 5 emails cluttering your inbox
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24/7 Schedule Access

Easily See Rates and Virtual Meeting Availability

All professionals with office spaces set hours and pricing. It's right there. No extra looking. No endless researching for pricing. And you can see availability when it's convenient for you.

With Vofspace:

  • Schedules and pricing are available 24/7
  • No hidden fees or pressure-filled up-sales
  • Easy booking—book the time you need with one click
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Streamlined Communication

Declutter Your Digital Footprint

Vofspace lets you delete at least 2 other accounts

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